Naskah Drama Snow White dalam bahasa Inggris

Narrator        : (Narator, Pencerita) ®
King              : (raja) M. Indra
Queen           : (ratu) tiah febriani
Snow White   : (Putri Salju) ® Irma Sustiani
Princess Pine : (Ratu – Ibu Tiri Snow White) ® Ai Roudotul
Magic Mirror   : (Cermin Ajaib) – voice ® Fitri Nurhasanah
Hunter          : (Pemburu, Utusan Ratu) ® ajiz Aldiansyah
Prince           : (Sang Pangeran dari kerajaan tetangga)  ® Esa Wardiansyah
Dwarf           : (kurcaci) 3 orang ®Ajiz jaenal, Isma Khumayroh, dan Acep Rahmat

NARRATOR            : A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… There was the kingdom where some people lived. Maybe you know them…
 (King and Queen are sitting)
    : empress, see the cloud, that’s so beautiful, refreshing morning air, the birds sing. See that there is a butterfly, they always get attacked alongside flowers, was a sunny morning.
Queen : Yes, Majesty. I also feel like it, it looks like a beautiful morning. So we thought of going out first time, we are always at the park, in the garden. We are looking for flowers, we see a butterfly, hear the birds, owh it's very romantic isn’t it?
King    : Oh yes, my empress. What did you didn’t feel that our daughters are grown; it's time to live their own.
Queen : oh, yes. They are grown.
King    : I have prepared the princes of the neighboring kingdoms for our daughters.
Queen : if so, who and from which the kingdom, the king?
King    : Yes I have. It’s an important issue later, now we call our daughters.
Queen : Snow White, Princess Pine, here darling......
Princess Pine. : Mother, I'm good punched. Why on the call, my nails would be damaged.
Snow White   : What's the Mother? Why you are calling me in the morning?
King                : Oh yes? Snow White, Princess Pine. I have plans to marry you princes, who we choose.  Princess Pine, you here. What the prince that you want?
Princess Pine  : I want a handsome prince, a rich, white, and tall, have a luxury car. And many more
King    : All right, I'll look for the prince's like that. Snow White, here. What the prince that you want?
Snow White   : Emm .., if I am. Not need heroics father, which is important he was kind, dutiful to parents, loves me and understanding. And also don’t have to from the royal family, which is important he is faithful.
King                : You're the daughter of a worthy father proud
Queen             : all right. Now, father and Mother want to calling some Kingdom who has the prince what you want.
They returned on their activities.
Princess Pine  : I have to get the best prince. I'm the most beautiful princess in the world. I definitely get the best prince too. aha! Now I have to see my magic mirror.
Princess pine goes to see a magic mirror.
Princess Pine  : Oh mirror, mirror on the wall
Magic Mirror: (turns around) Yes, my Queen.
Princess Pine  : Who is the fairest of them all?
Magic Mirror: Why, you are, my Queen. O queen, art blessed with the most alluring visage in the land. And thou dost possess the most captivating dispotion of all
Princess Pine  : yes, hahaha. Exelent. But mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
Mirror            : thou, o queen, art blessed with the sexiest curves in the land. And thou dost possess the biggest pair of …
Princess Pine  : yes, yes, yes, that’s better. Now, tell me, mirror, is this the truth?
Magic Mirror: no, not at all. I’m just saying what you would like to hear. Last time I told the truth you broke my glass.
Princess Pine  : I’ll do more than break your glass, I’ll fracture your frame, I’ll bruise your burnishing and I’ll dislocate your tenons and mortices. But first, tell me who is the fairest of them all?
 (Queen turns and begins to walk away)
Princess Pine  : Mirror!
Magic Mirror: (turns around more quickly) Ah, yes, my Queen.
Princess Pine  : Who is the fairest of them all?
Magic Mirror: The fairest is…
Princess Pine  : The fairest is…???
Magic Mirror: (slumps down) Snow White. Snow White is more beautiful than thee, more angelic, bewitching and elegant, her radiant beauty throws light into the corners of every room, her wit and charm beguile the hardest of hearts, her her …
(Princess Pine screams in surprise)
Princess Pine  : What did you say? Snow White?
Magic Mirror: yes,
Princess Pine : Silence, you foolish mirror. Have you no pity?
Magic Mirror : no less than you when you beat me up.
Princess Pine : I’ll deal with you later. (Aside) there is only one way to deal it. Snow white must die. But, how to accomplish this? I could poison her! No that may fail. I shall have a servant take her to the forest. Hunter! Hunter!
Hunter            : Queen?
Princess Pine  : Take Snow White into the woods. Right away. (Whispers) And then kill her!
Hunter            : Oh! Right away?
(He takes a step back. The Queen takes a step forward. Princess Pine turns and exits)
(Hunter is thinking. Snow White skips)
Snow White   : what do right away, Hunter?
Hunter            : Oh Snow White! You must run away my Princess. Now. Run!
Snow White   : Really? (Snow White runs around the stage once)
(Huffing and Puffing)
Snow White   : I can’t run anymore. Look – a little cottage. Hello? Is anybody in there?
(She opens the door and looks around. She starts cleaning and making dinner. She dances and sings “We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz”)
NARRATOR   : And so Snow White started cleaning and cooking. Cooking and cleaning. In fact. She couldn’t stop cleaning and cooking.
(Narrator       : looks sideways, irritated at Snow White)
Dwarf 1          : Home again, home again, jiggidy-jig.
Dwarf 2          : Wow! Somebody cleaned the house!
Dwarf 3          : Wow. Somebody cooked dinner.
Dwarf 1          : Wow! Somebody is sleeping in our bed.
All Dwarves   : Who is she?
(Snow White wakes up, stands up)
Snow White   : I’m sorry to come in without asking. My name is Snow White and I’m on the run.
Dwarf 1          : That’s terrible.
All Dwarves   : You can stay with us.
Snow White   : Thank you. Thank you so much.
All Dwarves   : Lets we play a game... ha ha ha
(Cut to the Queen’s Castle)
Princess Pine  : Ho ho ho! Ah Mirror, mirror, who’s the fairest of them all?
Magic Mirror: The fairest of them all is still Snow White.
Princess Pine  : What… What… What did you say? Isn’t she dead??
Magic Mirror: yeah, the fairest of them all is still Snow White. She’s living in a small cottage in the woods.
Princess Pine  : Then I have a good idea. I will poison an apple.
Magic Mirror : And then?
Princess Pine  : (dresses up like an apple merchant) I will pretend to be an apple merchant.
Magic Mirror : And then?
Princess Pine  : Then I will go to the cottage and feed it to her.
Snow White   : Who’s there?
Princess Pine  : Apple seller.
Princess Pine  : Ah my pretty, do you want to buy an apple?
Snow White   : No thanks.
Princess Pine  : Well… Here, this is my gift to you. Try it. It’s delicious.
Snow White   : Yum. It’s very tasty.
Princess Pine  : yes sure. that is an apple who can make you more beautiful and very cute. (the queen smiled wryly)
Snow White   : whoah,,, but, now  I’m dizzy.
Princess Pine  : From now on, I’m the most beautiful in the world. Ho ho ho!
(Thunder and lightning flashes. The Queen disappears.)
All Dwarves   : (appear next to Snow White)
Oh dear, what happened?
Dwarf 1          : Look at this. Snow White ate a poison apple.
Dwarf 2          : The Evil Queen must have done this.
All Dwarves   : Oh Princess, Princess! Woe.
(The sound of horse’s hoofs)
Prince             : What’s the matter?
Dwarf 1          : Our good Princess ate a poison apple.
Prince             : So, what should we do now??
Dwarf 3          : wait, I had heard of the evil queen, that the Snow White will fall asleep forever. and he would wake up if there is a prince who sincerely loved her, who will sing songs Small Stars with vocals U and then princess around while jumping around three times, and then kissed her hand. 
Dwarf 2          : prince should do it! Prince should be able to Woke up our princess
Prince             : well, I'll do anything for this beautiful princess. (Prince into action to wake snow white).... Princess turns out you're more beautiful than I imagined (while kissed the hands of snow white and Kneels over Snow White)
Snow White   : (Coughs up the piece of poison apple) Uh-hugh-uuugh!
Dwarf 2          : Oh man, the Princess coughed up the poison apple.
Everybody     : Hurrah! The Princess woke up.
Snow White woke up and all the people there very happy.
Snow White   : Oh, who are you?
Prince             : Princess, I’m a Prince from a neighbouring country. Will you marry me?
All Dwarves   : Of course she will!
(Snow White embarrassed smile)
Everybody     : Hah hah hah…! (Laughing)

NARRATOR            : And so Snow White and the Prince lived happily ever after. The Dwarves went back to work at their diamond mine and the Wicked Queen eventually got what she deserved.


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